‘Whose Solutions’ COP25, Decolonization In Action.

A podcast recorded during COP25 in Madrid, December 2019 has been published on Decolonization In Action. It features the voices of Asad Rehman, Vanessa Nakate, Nicole Figueirado de Oliveira, Marta Bordons, Moñeka de Oro, Nigel Henri Robinson and Chief Dana Tyza-Tramm. They all have important things to say. More details, images and texts are here.… Continue reading ‘Whose Solutions’ COP25, Decolonization In Action.

(In and out of) XR

This year Extinction Rebellion became an unmissable phenomenon, since the ‘April uprising’ in the UK, during which they occupied several central London locations for up to 3 weeks, employing strategies of mass arrests (and keen marketing on the streets and via social media). Founded as an offshoot of social justice organisation Rising Up!, XR are… Continue reading (In and out of) XR

Cumbre Social Por El Clima COP25: Power Dynamics

Indigenous activists from Latin America were put out by the sudden change in location of COP25 from Santiago, Chile to Madrid, Spain just one month before the UN Climate Conference was scheduled to begin. Their claims of being invisibilised, particularly from Mupache representatives whose communities are violently repressed by Chilean authorities, were emphasised during an… Continue reading Cumbre Social Por El Clima COP25: Power Dynamics